Title Loans in Atlanta

Title loans in Atlanta transactions are an easy way to get quick cash and are a speedy alternative to a bank loan for many reasons. First of all, because your car title is your collateral for your title loan, you need not worry about having less than perfect credit, this is not the case at a bank. If you go to a bank to get a loan, the first they do is make you fill out an application and pull your credit report. When you apply for a title loan in Atlanta, however, as long as you provide the appropriate income documentation and a clean and clear title, there’s no need to have a perfect credit score.

Another benefit to title loan is the amount of cash you can get. Because you are using your title as collateral, a title loan will usually yield significantly more money  than you would get from a small bank loan. Based on the value of your operable vehicle, you can usually get a significant amount of the wholesale value of your vehicle with a title loan. Many times when turned down by others you will be surprised by the amount of cash you can get for with title loan in Atlanta. When you call to get information ask your lender for a ballpark estimate on the potential value of your vehicle.

Another advantage to a title loan is the flexibility, these loans can be structured to meet your financial needs; whereas, bank loans are typically long-term loans with payments stretched out for many years.  A title loan in Atlanta allows a loan to be set up on the borrower’s terms so that repayment is more convenient and suitable to the individual, not like strict, inflexible guidelines of big banks. Furthermore, you can make title loan payment at your own pace or pay it all off at once with no prepayment penalty.

Finally, the number one benefit of a title loan over a bank loan is the turnaround time. Banks take substantially longer to process your application, wait for approval, and then transfer funds. It may take as little as 20 minutes to have cash in hand once you apply for title loans in Atlanta.